In 112 years of cinema

Films about animals are always charming. Seeing a man-animal partnership overcoming barriers and overcoming difficulties, inspire us.

These stories always captivate audiences, and become great hits on the screens and audience successes around the world.

Hollywood has never forgotten the horses.

And they have always paid special attention to television and film.

But generally, movie horses have something in common: a noble origin.

So we can say without fear that there has never been a horse like Mumu.

There has never been a story of overcoming and heroism like Mumu’s.

Mumu ? But after all, who is MUMU ?


A small but gigantic horse.

Small in stature, but gigantic in achievements, stories and conquests.

A story that begins in a favela in Rio de Janeiro...

Mumu was born small and poor in a Rio de Janeiro, and it looked like a pony horse.

Undefined, he was very low: 1.54 in height

Its original owners in the favela, used to pull carts because Mumu, although small, had a brute force and worked hard for more than 16 hours a day without stopping.



One day, in the mid-1980s, a little girl saw Mumu at the entrance of favela and was delighted. He was a piebald, small, the little horse that every little gilr dreams of having.

She would never have imagined that by asking her grandfather to by her horse, she would be changing the fate of many people.

This destiny, wich eventually led Mumu to hands os Carlos Ribas. A young rider, who was looking for a “ Jump to Victory” in his carreer.

From there begins an incredible story of love, suffering, frustation, overcoming and many victories like no other.

The story of a partnership and many achivements that begins in Brazil, and continues in Europe, to where Mumu and the rider Carlos Ribas moved in search of the final consecration.


Because she did not have a defined race, to be too small for the sport, Mumu had to fight hard and overcome barriers that were much higher than the obstacles of the tests. He suffered even prejudice for being different, and was discredited by many... But that did not discourage Carlos Ribas who bet everything on his partner.


And finally after much battle and many disputed events, Mumu wins the Eihndoven Derby in the Netherlands in 1999, one of the most important of the old continent, and reaches the top of his career becoming famous once and for all.


Mumu lives in Belgium with 35 years old.

In 2014 (photo) in the same Derby of Eihndoven was made a parade in Tribute to the retired horse and Carlos Ribas who still lives in the world circuit of Equestrianism.

DSC_1764 (1)

Carlos Ribas believed. And we too !

And we believe so much that we want to turn this wonderful story into a movie.

This is the reason for the project.

"Mumu – The legend of Brazilian Champion"

A delicate proposal that has as main motivation to tell the story of horse that has been discredited, but nevertheless it has become a champion and famous throughout the world.

The film aims to arouse public curiosity, not just about the biography of the horse and rider, or the sport.

We want to bring to light the story of Brazilian hero who can inspire the world!

We are looking for companies that can invest through LEI AUDIOVISUAL, PROAC-SP ( Brazilian incentive laws) and direct sponsorships such a advertising and international partnerships.

We look foward to your support.

Our project already has an approved certificate in Ancine ( Barzilian film agency).

An international Project.

Teh project is already born intenational because the story is already know in the Equestrian camps across Europe, Canada, Japan and United States, where Mumu became famous and lived most os this adventures.

It will certainly bring international visibility to sponsors and supporters.